Giving Priorities

The Central Piedmont Community College Foundation seeks support to address priority programs and needs as identified by the College’s leadership. 

Student Support
Gifts are sought to fund both annual and endowed need-based scholarships and to provide counseling and academic support services for students.  The recent increase in the College’s enrollment of military veterans has created a need for increased financial aid and special services for his deserving student population. 

Instructional Programs
The Foundation seeks both expendable and endowed support to enable the College to attract and retain outstanding full and part-time instructors to offer the breadth of courses required by students.  Gifts are also sought to secure the latest instructional equipment and technology and to support the ongoing development of courses to provide students with the highest quality education and training. 

Future Workforce
The College is committed to developing a skilled, educated workforce to support the economic growth of the region and to provide individuals with meaningful career opportunities.   Support is sought to develop new programs to address the needs of high growth business and industrial sectors, including energy and health care.  Private support will also provide training opportunities for displaced workers, equipping them with new skills to re-enter the workforce.  In addition, support is sought to create and maintain academies which will place high school students on an early path to higher education and a career. 

Areas of Greatest Need/Unrestricted Support
The current public funding situation has increased the importance of unrestricted support which provides the College with the ability and flexibility to address areas of greatest need.  Gifts to the Foundation represent the only source of such funding for the College.  Gifts will allow the College to maintain its facilities, upgrade technology and infrastructure, acquire instructional equipment and materials, provide campus security, and meet utility costs, among other needs.

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